Caster dolly painted

Many, many pictures will be taken over the months that follow. Personally, I want everything “picture perfect” 😉 so, obviously, the dolly needed a coat of paint.

Upper side of caster dolly

Under side of caster dolly

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Second coat of paintPostscript, Christmas Eve afternoon: I put a second coat of paint on the dolly.


Gift exchange

🙂 😉

Letter C Christmas wreath

Letter A red and very artistic

Letter R like Christmas tree

Letter E green branches with Christmas ornaments


Letter C Christmas wreath


Letter A red and very artistic


Letter R with santa cap


Letter E green branches with Christmas ornaments


Smiley face SantaMy friend, David, constructed the dolly for my Garden Tower. I gave him a Hickory Farms gift box. Oh how I appreciate all the projects he has rescued for me!! Especially, the tarp shelter for my plants (and garden clutter).

Under side of dolly

Top side of dolly

Casters ordered

The suggestions–offered by Garden Tower Project–were read and documented (for reference). Strangely (my fault?), I couldn’t locate casters at Lowe’s, and casters at Tractor Supply were “too expensive” (imho). Furthermore, at Tractor Supply, I wasn’t provided information about the composition of the wheel. At Garden Tower Project, polyolefine was recommended. I hasten to say that the casters I ordered are probably much heavier than I need. But, this old lady wants to effortlessly navigate her Tower!!

Planks under TowerI searched the Internet (far and wide) for a “drum dolly” (none locally at Lowe’s or Tractor Supply). Drum dollies are widely available but I decided, instead, to spend extra dollars on exceptional casters. They will be attached to an unattractive–but sturdy–platform of two 2”x12” planks.

Some bolts will be purchased–to secure the Tower–but I speculate my total expense will be less than $60.00.

Garden Tower arrives

“READ THESE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY before unpacking your Garden Tower!”

Ha, ha, guess what?! I didn’t read the directions; I just went ahead and assembled the Tower. ~~ So simple: An eighty-year-old lady found it effortless!! ~~ Truthfully, the center pieces need to be installed. A platform, with swivel casters, needs to be built. But I’m off to a good start.

It’s a beautiful afternoon so (at 2 o’clock) I’ll sit on my patio and read the instructions. ~~ I have high-quality planter soil. Now I wait for Spring so I can start planting.

The boxes arrive

Boxes with patio in the background

Opened the small box

Repositioned the big box

Unpacked the big box

Garden Tower assembled

High-quality planter soil

Six bags of high-quality plantersoil

Beautiful in late afternoon sunshine

Home sweet home