Garden Tower arrives

“READ THESE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY before unpacking your Garden Tower!”

Ha, ha, guess what?! I didn’t read the directions; I just went ahead and assembled the Tower. ~~ So simple: An eighty-year-old lady found it effortless!! ~~ Truthfully, the center pieces need to be installed. A platform, with swivel casters, needs to be built. But I’m off to a good start.

It’s a beautiful afternoon so (at 2 o’clock) I’ll sit on my patio and read the instructions. ~~ I have high-quality planter soil. Now I wait for Spring so I can start planting.

The boxes arrive

Boxes with patio in the background

Opened the small box

Repositioned the big box

Unpacked the big box

Garden Tower assembled

High-quality planter soil

Six bags of high-quality plantersoil

Beautiful in late afternoon sunshine

Home sweet home