It is very interesting to look back twenty-three months and read about my introduction to composting, and the Garden Tower Project. Here is the blog message I posted on January 29, 2014.

Lorraine's composterLetter C in black with scroll

Letter A black and white with scroll and flowersand I can’t think of any more acronyms to carry out the C-A-R-E theme but (for the fun of it) …

no dual-chamber composter

Letter R black and white with scroll

in the

Letter E black and white scroll


For sale signIn the Spring, I may advertise it for sale. Currently, I’m creating a healthy amount to stuff into the center of my Garden Tower II so the worms get a feast.

In the article about composting, North West Composting Supplies (now out of business and the web site is for sale) suggests adding coffee grounds to the compost. Frankly, I prefer to ration the amount of coffee grounds. What is your opinion?