“Gardening” was a BIG part of my life before the Garden Tower Project. I’m quite familiar with “container gardening.” My experiences are documented in another blog titled Three Quarters And Counting. I haven’t figured out how to use the letters C-A-R-E to explain a message recently published at the other site. I referred to myself as a “bag lady” and told of collecting vitamin bottles and medicine containers to use as “pebbles” in the bottom of large planters. Flowers will adorn the large planters–although veggies would be more sensible.

“Downsizing” is another task I “work at.” Outdoors, and indoors, I have too much stuff. Yesterday, I donated a lot of items to the little Thrift ‘n Gift shop that we operate here at CARE–the residential community where I live. This Spring, two large planters will decorate the area near the entrance (and I need “pebbles” 😉 ).

I’m just itching to get started on Spring gardening. I’d be in the yard right now if it were warm enough!! Currently, we are experiencing cold to freezing temperatures. A nasty wind makes it disagreeable to even walk to the dining room!!

Letter C with eyesI wrack my brain trying to think of CARE— words (for C–A–R–E messages) but admit that many of my messages may be conversational. ~~ Additionally, that big letter C for cold, and computer. 🙂