GT2 history copied from Garden Training Project Facebook page

Anyone reading this blog recognizes that this GT project is brand-new to me. I’m encouraged to read helpful suggestions on Garden Training Project Facebook page. Thomas’ explanation of past, and future, events is especially interesting to me. (I want to save the information before it gets buried under dozens of new messages.)


Thomas Tlusty

A belated holiday greeting to all of our supporters. This is a shout out to all the new users and especially to thank all of our stalwart contributors for making this group, the most awesome group on Facebook!

To my lovely wife, Kristi (yes, full disclosure. Ha!) Thanks for taking up my slack. Aiyo, has rocked it as a new Admin on this page! The contributions of Charmaine, Duane Benson, Raymie, Deborah, Rich, Larry, Judi, Amala Judith, Mark, Jack, Gardening Renaissance, and OTHERS FAR TO NUMEROUS TO MENTION, all contribute to making this the awesome and friendly community that this has become in a very short time. Thank you!

This has been an amazing and trying first year production run for the new GT2 and our very small group. So far, we have narrowly avoided the “Silver Bullets” that have ended many a small business endeavor. The changeover from the handmade version, to the full production run of the first mass-produced version necessitated rebuilding the company from the ground up, within three months, on the fly. Within that time everything changed drastically (internally), from order entry, bookkeeping, production and fulfillment, presenting us a veritable steeplechase of hurdles and challenges to overcome.

At the same time, it allowed us to expand our work towards our vision of providing GT2’s in the arenas of education and community food programs on a massive scale. Special thanks to professor Cassie Quigley for her work at Clemson University, School of environmental Science, Masters of Arts in Teaching program, for her early support of our efforts and use of the GTv1.1.

Both Cassie and Alan Yoshioka of Urbaform Technologies, paved the way for our amazing friend, confidante and compadre, Rick Passo, to extend an invitation to sponsor and participate in the very first Las Vegas green School Summit, presented by the USGBC & Rick Van Diepen, hosted at West Career & Technical Academy. This led to our introduction of Steven & Lizette Ritz of the GreenBronxMachine, Kathleen Guilbault Decker of Walter bracken STEAM Academy, Duron Chavis of Virginia State University and Harding Street Community Garden in Richmond, VA.Robbie Rocky Buff, of intelligent irrigation and inventor of the Aquajet irrigation system, was pivotal in setting up our eight garden towers with Reid Marlowe of West CTA, so we had an impactful and professional set-up at the GSS.

Our good brother to the North, Frank B.A. Tecklenburg is doing amazing work developing the Flying Dust First Nation market garden. Rick passo, came through once again and brought to our attention and introduced us to Wayne Roberts one of the fathers of Urban agriculture, in Toronto.

One most recent venture is with author Tonia Allen Gould and her org, Finding Corte Magore. Tonia is building her vision of a of a state of the art, K-12, perma & agriculture gardening and university education/research facility on an island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Nicaragua. Partnering with not for profits and UCSB, CA Lutheran University and other large partners, FCM is well on it’s way to becoming a groundbreaking program and GTP is honored to be Partnering with them to facilitate this work (and still in a bit of shock). We will be doing a site assessment and three of us are leaving for Nicaragua next week.

All of these individuals are all brilliant luminaries in the field of gardening & community education. We very much look forward to cultivating these budding relationships in 2016.

As with the list of contributors to the page, it is literally impossible to list all the individuals and groups that support us and we have developed relationships with in this post.

Thanks again, to each and every one joining and participating. Thank you, as always, for your patience, consideration and support. All in all, 2016 is going to be a very special year!