Container Garden Relatively Expensive

Letter C with fruit


Letter G as a strawberryLetter A red color with apple


Letter R with fruit


Letter E as fruit


but so valuable health-wise!!

Lorraine for Resident displayWe can’t put a price tag on our health!! In my humble opinion, I’m in far better health (at 80 years of age) than many of my “senior” neighbors. Aren’t I the picture of health? ~~ I love fruit and veggies!! Granted, I won’t be growing fruit in my Garden Tower but fun to use it for this illustration.


Did I hear you ask for an explanation of “relatively expensive”? The Garden Tower 2 was “on sale” in late November and December. I added two extra trays so that order totaled $418.00. The casters were $54.00. Coconut fiber, seed starting pots, and many miscellaneous garden amenities totaled $86.00. I’ve had the Readi-Soil for several months but three bags @ $8.00 = $24.00. Veggie seeds may cost upwards to $30.00. Before a single seed is planted, I have spent approximately $600.00. I repeat “but oh so valuable health-wise.” (IMHO, allopathic medicine, prescriptions, etc., weigh more [cost more] than the expense of organic produce [home-grown or store-bought].) 

Medical symbol