Casual Afternoon Rain Enjoyed

Letter C with flowers and red roses

(just a sprinkle)


Letter A with smiling flower


Letter R green with pink flowersUmbrella and flowers


Letter E with flowers (2)

by the flowers, trees, shrubs and grass.


NarcissusVerbena is trying to bloom, in my yard. Begonias are still looking healthy and attractive. I saw Narcissus blooming at a nearby home (as I  drove into Livingston).

RobinMy next-door neighbor was so excited yesterday as she questioned me: “Have you seen the Robins?” I said “yes” and she commented “Isn’t that a  sign of Spring?” I can hope, can’t I?? So much I want to get done in my garden–and with my Garden Tower!!

Totally unrelated: I shopped Thrift stores today for planters. I have “Kalanchoe,” and “Money Moss,” cuttings and snips. I’m getting them ready “for sale” in our CARE Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. I specifically need shallow containers for “Money Moss,” and saucers under each dish/container. I found several baskets that will be a perfect camouflage for a Kalanchoe planted in a 24-ounce cottage cheese container.