Collector and recycler


letter C cartoon alphabet




letter R cartoon alphabet clipartrecycler


letter E cartoon alphabet clipartextraordinaire


Ha haThis combination of words for CARE– letters came to me in the middle of the night. I was “up” before four o’clock to start the message (before I forgot).


Tarp covered storage areaYes, I’m a collector. “I might need that some day.” It has been such a joy to have the storage shelter so I can hide some of my garden clutter. So valuable this Winter for protection of my perennial plants.

Recently, I’ve recycled medicine containers, nutrition supplement bottles, and other small plastic items in the bottom of large planters. My neighbors are contributing to “pebbles for planters.” (Sadly, there is no effort to “recycle” in Livingston, Texas.)

Cardboard (in moderation) is good in compost piles. (Recycling. 😉 )

Cutting up cardboard (1)

Cutting up cardboard (2)


Bag of bags