Cancer cells killed with ginger ?!


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“Ginger has been proven to be effective in killing ovarian and prostate cancer cells – further research could lead to more effective treatments that do not harm healthy cells in the human body, unlike chemotherapy and radiation treatments….

“Aside from ginger’s potential use in fighting cancer, the root has many other properties that make it one of Nature’s most powerful remedies.

Boost your health with ginger tea

“One of the best ways to reap the health-promoting properties of ginger is by drinking ginger tea. My own remedy for numerous common ailments is to simply chop up some fresh ginger into small chunks and then boil it in water for about 15–20 minutes. I like the taste without adding any sweetener, but some may find it a bit overpowering. In my experience, ginger tea is one of the best methods for fighting the onset of a cold, treating indigestion and strengthening my own immune system.”

Ten Health Benefits of Ginger Root

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Growing Ginger plants


I’m intrigued; I want to grow ginger. ~~ **NOT** in my Garden Tower but somehow, somewhere, in my yard.

More information: Ginger Root.

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Postscript, Friday, April 1, 2016 (no joke): For the first time, I prepared ginger tea from scratch. Wow, it is much stronger than store-bought tea bags!! It will take some “getting used to”!! (Casual Approach Rejected Entirely, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”)