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It’s such great exercise!!

My observation is non-scientific. However, I have a little pamphlet that provides some interesting statements.

All-natural pain relieve that’s 48 times stronger than morphine.

Confirmed to have 48 times the power of morphine, endorphins are among the strongest pain relievers ever found. Dr. Avram Goldstein of Stanford University, whose research laid the groundwork for endorphin discoveries, wisely says, “When nature makes anything that powerful, you’ve got to believe there’s an important reason for it.”

Dr. Goldstein is correct. Endorphins are part of a natural, built-in pain control system that works on your worst types of pain. By attaching themselves to nerve cells, these miraculous powerhouses unlock the receptors–triggering a profound pain-killing response. Best of all, since they’re found NATURALLY in your body, they don’t make you drowsy, they’re safe, and completely non-addictive.

Elsewhere in the 23 page pamphlet:

Do low endorphin levels contribute to arthritis? This stunning idea was supported by research in the Journal of Rheumatology. Blood samples from patients with a wide variety of arthritic conditions were reported to be shockingly low in endorphins….

12 Reasons You Run Out of Endorphins

What causes low endorphin activity? A surprising range of ordinary events that everyone experiences. This includes pain you ignore, hoping it will go away… Who doesn’t experience the following: Stress, Chronic pain, Emotional distress, Being depressed, Disturbing past memories, Junk food, Common drugs, Accidents, Frequent crying, Body aches, Exercise, OTC medications.

The article/pamphlet goes on to “sell” the reader on their product that helps release endorphins. Personally, I think exercise is all I need. Well, “exercise” and the satisfaction sensed from watching plants grow, and produce.

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women with back acheFor about ten days, I have experienced terrible pain in my neck and shoulders. I attribute it to pulling weeds that have taken over after drenching rains and unseasonably warm weather. However, many days I have spent hours in the yard and find I forget my pain as I lovingly labor in my garden.