“Make my head save my heels”

Similar to an earlier post but bears repeating?!

Two caster dollies


Letter C with Superman logo
caster dollies



Letter A with stick figure (2)
a “super woman”?

I’m not!


Letter R black with stick figure

on “back saver” tools


Letter E with stick figure
energy (and strength)

an enigma


Exclamation mark in red with litle figureNumber eighty-one with candleseighty-one years young
and projects require extra
time and energy!!


Patio Pickers


These were purchased last year, at Lowe’s, for $30.00 each. It was my intention to use them for my veggies this year. Then I splurged and bought two Garden Towers!! Frankly, I’m waiting to see how things grow (in the extremely hot, humid Texas summer) before I set up my second GT. I believe in “waste not, want not” so decided to utilize these veggie containers. **But** they (like the Garden Tower) need to be shifted from location to location. On a February Sunday afternoon–raining gently–I searched eBay for “a bargain.” I ordered two (2) dollies for $35.00 because casters (only) were $54.00 for my Garden Tower. (The eBay vendor cancelled the order and refunded my money.) Similar dollies are $20.00 each from Lowe’s on-line. ~~ It is my intention to sow radishes and green onions, etc., in these flats. I’ll keep you posted….

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the story.” When I unpacked the Patio Pickers, I discovered casters are furnished. GREAT!! 🙂 But, I have plans for other planters and will need Lowe’s caster dollies.

Make my head save my heels?!


Ready to plant by the moon

Onions and radish planted