Lavender seeds added to my garden

Lavender seeds ordered March 12, 2016; received March 16, 2016; planted (by the moon) March 26, 2016.


Lavender seeds ordered March twelve sixteen (2)Lavender seeds ordered March twelve sixteen


Lavender is touted as a sleep remedy. Personally, I sprinkle a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil at the top of my sheet each night when I go to bed. Frankly, I don’t know if it helps because I also drink Chamomile with Lavender tea an hour before retiring. (Next purchase: Nighty Night or Nighty Night Valerian?) Furthermore, I wear a Philip Stein sleep bracelet. Honestly, I do not get a good night’s sleep and desperately try various remedies. Oh yes, I use Melatonin (from the health food store “free of gluten, wheat, daily, soy, corn, preservatives, artificial colors, and most common allergens”). ~~ Brain is busySomeone might say I have too much on my mind?! I’m always thinking about my garden and/or preparing blog messages!! Believe me, I’m not a hypochondriac; I don’t have a list of ailments. I just don’t get a good night’s sleep!! I’ve been practicing health and nutrition for almost forty years; I’m selective of the products I use. (Example: Heirloom seeds for my veggie garden.) 😉

Uses and Benefits of Lavender

Preparing to plant Lavender seedsThree planters prepared with seeds