Fourth month dawns

Letter C with cowCow pots


Letter A with ant Ants




Letter E with eggplant


What do cows and ants have to do with my Garden Tower project?? Very little!! I’ve used cow pots” for some seeds, and cuttings, in previous gardening. Fire ants have been a BIG nuisance in my yard!! I’ve been badly bitten many times. ~~ I won’t attempt to raise eggplants but plan on radishes. ~~ Sometimes I just feel like adding a little humor to my blog.

April first

No laughing matter: fire ant bites!! I recently read a remedy and the following is comment #20 by Tamara, April 26,2015.

I want to add that Lavender (essential oil) is EXCELLENT on bee stings and ant bites. I have no experience using it with other insect bites, but have personally used lavender oil in the aforementioned conditions with amazing relief. With the bee sting, I applied it immediately after the bee stung me. The pain was instantly gone, and the swelling at the site never progressed. Then I shared it with someone who had severe fire ant bites on her legs. Amazingly, she found relief when nothing else had worked for her!!