Fight Depression and Anxiety with a Therapy Garden

Depression, stress, etc. Spending time in my garden is my medicine!! Frequently, I’ve touted the benefit. Here’s an article that states gardening is recommended to fight depression and anxiety. Below is a brief excerpt from the article.

EASY DOES IT: Horticulture therapists modify healing gardens to help ease the task of gardening and make it more enjoyable. If you have a bad back or limited mobility, consider creating tall raised beds or container gardening. Design clear, accessible pathways throughout your garden, and keep your cool under shade canopies. If you don’t have the space or time for a large garden [consider a Garden Tower], Kennedy suggests creating a small herb garden in a large pot. Regular picking will help keep herbs small and healthy, and foster a strong connection with the plants. [Bold emphasis, underline and reference to Garden Tower added by Lorraine.]

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