Soliciting sympathy !!

What do I do next?

My garden is suffering from “too much water”!!

Leaf-footed plant bug nymphs on one of my tomato plants!!


Having just complained about such trivia, I solicit your sympathy for the thousands of families in the Houston area who have suffered the loss of home, car, etc. Sitting watching TVLocal television news brings every heartbreaking detail to the viewer. I’m half-sick with worry for those families!! Today: All that water, all that damage. Tomorrow (next week, next month): Mold and mildew, health problems. ~~ I’m counting my blessings: No major damage here.


(I’m also, literally, counting ants: Hundreds of ants!! I suspect they are driven indoors because of the rain? My next Internet search: Chemical-free [homemade?] deterrent. I was reminded of this nuisance because they’ve reached the tabletop and are crawling on my laptop computer.)