Wonder Woman’s Weapons from the World Wide Web!!

Last year, I had a recipe (or two) for natural insect spray. I misplaced… so started a new search. Because the suggestion sounded familiar, I prepared the first container with one quart of filtered water and one-and-one-half teaspoons of Dawn dish washing detergent. I went to war on the aphids and other insects on my flowers and veggies!! (In blistering Texas heat, I went against the enemy.)

Back indoors, I searched the W.W.W. for additional information because I have a bar of Fels-Naptha soap (from last year’s DIY). I found sites that caution against Dawn detergent. and thought “that makes sense.” (I haven’t found an answer to Fels-Naptha yet.)

I should have saved a link to the web site 😦 but jotted the information and made the concoction. One quart of filtered water (my preference) and two tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap (available in health food stores [and I have in my cupboard] ). The Internet article had this additional suggestion: Add strong-smelling spices (garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, rhubarb leaves, cayenne, other hot peppers). Handful of spices with enough boiling water to cover. Store overnight in glass jar with tight lid, strain, and add to soap mix. (I used a couple heads of garlic.)

Natural ingredients spray