C-A-R-E-ing about Labor Day !!

Happy Labor Day honoring American workers


The original meaning of the day seems lost as people think of BBQ, three-day-weekend, etc., etc. I’m of “the old school” and try to appropriately remember the holiday. **This** holiday, thousands of families along the East coast are struggling with the effects of Tropical Storm Hermine. No trip to the beach, no picnic, no BBQ–destruction far and wide.

Recently the news media was reporting fires in Western states, and flooding in Louisiana. A couple of days ago, an earthquake in Oklahoma. Our weather has been “horrific” this past year.

Here in Southeast Texas, the Summer heat and humidity has been almost unbearable!! My attempt at veggie gardening in my Garden Tower was a failure. Likewise, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers died in their planters. The labors of this American worker were in vain!! (lol) It is my prayer that “Labor Day” marks the beginning of a pleasant Fall so I can plant a Fall and Winter garden. (I’ve ordered a green house to shelter my Garden Tower.)