Lessons I’ve learned & comments

Digging the compacted compost out of the tube alerted me to the fact that “bulky” stuff had accumulated. (The worms did not eat it.) Honestly, I don’t make a habit of “bulky” stuff but I found the core of cabbage, end of celery, etc. Now I chop the garbage into smaller pieces. (I’m so blessed because the CARE kitchen gives me veggie scraps.) ~~ Strangely, there was soggy-wet pieces of cardboard that had not deteriorated. Believe me, I have been very selective about the cardboard I deposit in the tube!! I only use plain cardboard, and I cut it into approximate one-inch squares. I’m careful about the shredded paper, too. ~~ I’m just commenting on my observations. ~~ From the pictures, you will note that I found lots of worms. That was the first time in my life I sorted worms from compost and deposited them back in the tube (lol). I’m not complaining; setting up, and maintaining, the Garden Tower has been a very interesting experience.

Ready to chop it upChopped garbage


While working to clean the compost tube, perhaps I should have disassembled more rings?! The compost tube is crooked!! I used a rake handle to put leverage against the tube and gently tried to ease it upright. That helped, but the tube is still off-center. I added zip-ties mid-section and three at the top.

Zip-tie mid-sectionZip-ties at the top


See the wormsSorting worms


dirty-fingernailsThis summer has been disagreeably hot and humid. I honestly put a lot of work into my veggie garden (and flower garden) but the weather was cruel. Everyone I know (with veggie garden) was discouraged. I’m not giving up; I’ll try a winter garden. I will erect a green house around my Garden Tower.